The Clearview AI Code of Conduct

Clearview AI’s search engine is available only for law enforcement agencies and select security professionals to use as an investigative tool, and its results contain only public information. Nonetheless, we recognize that powerful tools always have the potential to be abused, regardless of who is using them, and we take the threat very seriously. Accordingly, the Clearview app has built-in safeguards to ensure these trained professionals only use it for its intended purpose: to help identify the perpetrators and victims of crimes.

Moreover, Clearview’s User Code of Conduct mandates that investigators use our technology in a safe and ethical manner, and for legitimate law enforcement and security purposes only. They are required to obtain permission from a supervisor at their organizations before creating their Clearview accounts, and may only use the app for purposes authorized by their supervisors. We strictly enforce our Code of Conduct, and suspend or terminate users who violate it.