Clearview Is Not A Consumer Application

Our app is for law enforcement agencies to identify the perpetrators and victims of crimes.

Clearview AI's investigative tool has helped law enforcement solve thousands of serious crimes, including murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, and child sexual exploitation cases, as detailed in a recent New York Times article. Clearview’s app is NOT available to the public. While many people have advised us that a public version would be more profitable, we have rejected the idea. Clearview exists to help law enforcement agencies solve the toughest cases, and our technology comes with strict guidelines and safeguards to ensure investigators use it for its intended purpose only.

It is gratifying to know that Clearview has been able to help law enforcement officials make communities safer and, most importantly, protect children. We remain committed to our mission of making the world a safer place and will continue to make our technology available only to law enforcement agencies and select security professionals. We believe Clearview’s best and highest use is to help keep the general public safe. That is why Clearview is not a consumer product.


- Team Clearview